Airsoft Atlanta: ICS CXP-APE AEG In Stock


Another ICS Airsoft AEG that can ordered from Airsoft Atlanta, the ICS Airsoft CXP-APE AEG... "ICS CXP-APE Short Gun AEG. Full metal and mosfet included on this M4 short variant with unique folding stock design. A solid airsoft gun. Comes in tan or black color options.

Airsoft Mike: ICS Airsoft CXP-APE EBB


Airsoft Mike unboxes and does an overview on the features of the ICS Airsoft CXP APE. Perhaps the closes thing to a Masada rifle, the CXP APE has an Electric Blowback feature, KeyMod handguard and 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel to mount a suppressor, ambidextrous operations and an adjustable stock.

ICS Airsoft CXP-APE AEG At Firesupport


Another AEG in the ICS CXP-Series is available right now at Firesupport. The ICS CXP-APE AEG... "The CXP-APE AEG features a full metal monolithic upper rail and upper receiver. It has a full metal CNC machined Keymod rail system on the underside for a comfortable and customizable platform for the end users.

To discover how ICS manufactures the CXP-APE handguard, you may refer to this video:

ICS CXP-APE w/ Drum Mag Shoot Test


Mach Sakai gets another ICS AEG in the form of the ICS CXP-APE. The CXP-Ape uses the ICS Transform4 split gearbox design with electric blowback feature and KeyMod rail system. In this video, Mach Sakai shoots the AEG in the outdoor with an high capacity drum magazine.

ICS CXP-APE & HOG Now At Firesupport


About over a week ago Firesupport announced that they are expecting deliveries of thenew ICS CXP-APE and CXP-HOG EBBs from ICS. Now, they have these in stock. The ICS CXP-APE and CXP-HOG are the latest from the ICS CXP line-up featuring the electric blowback design of ICS that still incorporates that ICS split gearbox technology and even more electronic features.


ICS New Website & ICS CXP-APE Release


Two news items from ICS today. The first one is that they have a relaunced their website with a very new look that contains elements of current website design trends. The second one is that they have released an official brochure showing the more information on the ICS CXP-APE, their latest offering from their CXP Line.

ICS CXP-APE EBB Official Video


Revealed in January of this year, ICS is proud to present one of their new AEG offerings for 2015... "The ICS CXP-APE is a great new rifle in 2015. Born for all-terrain combat, the whole new body is distinguishable from an AR. It has a mdern one-piece aluminium upper receiver, 5-sided keymod system handguard, and an Electric Blow Back System.

How To Fieldstrip The ICS CXP-APE


ICS held a series of "How To Fieldstrip" Sessions during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2015 and one of these covered the ICS CXP-APE. The ICS CXP-APE is one of the new electric blowback airsoft guns from ICS featuring more ambidextrous controls and the KeyMod rail system. In this video, Jonas Persson conducts the Fieldstrip session for visitors in Nuremberg Germany last 6-9 March 2015.

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07 Dec 2022

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