Verage Airsoft's ICS BLE-PM2 Makarov Unboxing


The stealthy Makarov CO2 pistol from ICS Airsoft, the BLE-PM2, gets the look over by Verage Airsoft in this unboxing video... "What is in the box when you receive a ICS BLE PM2 (Makarov)? I also show you what the difference is between the short and the long silencer and how the CO2 thing works.

This video is an older video that I brought over to this channel to complete the series. The video has been made in 2019.

Enjoy the video."

ICS Airsoft BLE BM9 GBB Pistol At Gun Story


Gun Story of South Korea got the ICS BLE BM9 GBB Pistol available and this is based on the M9 pistol design... "Hello! This is Gunstory. The product to be introduced this time is the 'ICS. Beretta M9' handgun. It is a full-metal product at a good price at 199,000 won (Korean Won), and it is a product that gives you a good look and completeness.

ICS BLE XMK "The Space Blaster"


ICS Captain Magaz goes over the ICS BLE XMK Gas Blowback Pistol, aka "The Space Blaster" and brings it to a game... "In this video we take a look at the latest from the ICS BLE family of pistols, the XMK or 'Mark Ten' a compact gas blow back pistol with a chunky futuristic compensator and aesthetic.

I'll take you through all of the features, chrono test, see how it performs on the range and in a cqb environment."

ICS BLE-PM02 Better Than The MK23?


The ICS BLE-PM02 or the non-blowback airsoft Makarov pistol is being touted as a stealthy pistol suitable as a backup for airsoft sniper. But is it better than the favourite MK23 NBB pistol? L'Antre du Dingo takes a look at this pistol to find out... "Today let's have a look at the new BLE-PM02 by ICS. Is it better than the Mk23? Watch and make your own opinion!"

NonoCat Airsoft: ICS XFG GBB Pistol


The BLE XFG GBB Pistol from ICS Airsoft gets featured in this one minute video by Nonocat. Already available in the market, the BLE XFG is ambidextrous and has a double safety function. It has 3 luminous dots for the sighting system, changeable backstraps, as well as a 14mm CCW thread for attaching a mock suppressor or a tracer unit.

ICS BLE PM2 Pistol Gameplay


ICS Captain Magaz uses the ICS BLE PM2, or the Makarov NBB Pistol version from ICS Airsoft that can be equipped with a suppressor. This is touted to be a stealth pistol that can go head to head against the favourite, the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM GBB Pistol in terms of being quiet... "I put the ICS BLE PM2 through it's paces in what might not be the best environment for it. Super close quarters, close quarters! The PM2 is aimed at the stealth, snipers sidearm niche. I opted to ignore that and get balls deep with it!

DesertFox On The ICS BLE XPD


It looks like DesertFox Airsoft is not happy with the ICS BLE XPD GBB Pistol in this video review. Also, you can learn more about how it he put together his MP5A4 loadout... "Today we’re going to be looking at my Elite Force MP5A4 load out and a performance review of the ICS BLE XPD."

USAirsoft With ICS BLE XPD


USAirsoft tries out the ICS Airsoft Black Leopard Eye XPD Gas Blowback Pistol and he recommends it to both newbies and veterans... "This new ICS pistol is easily something I'd recommend to both newer players and even long time airsofters. I was really impressed by how comfortable a sidearm of this size would be and how much it would benefit from the REVO system valves that ICS has added into its magazines.

Even the tiny 16 round magazine was dishing out 40+ rounds through a metal slide equipped pistol.

Airsoft Station: ICS BLE XAE Pistol


Airsoft Station give their take on the Black Leopard Eye (BLE) XAE GBB Pistol from ICS Airsoft and they have both colours in stock... "The ICS BLE-XAE Gas Blowback Pistol is the competitors choice for fast, accurate action during all battle conditions. This premium grade airsoft pistol combines high-performance with high value, and is perfect for those looking for a powerful and reliable sidearm.

ICS BLE-PM2 Shadow Barrel Extension Tube


The ICS Airsoft BLE-PM2 can be equipped with a suppressor that they call a Shadow Barrel Extension Tub. They have two versions the 100mm standard and the optional 160mm version. In this video, they conduct a sound test in wich the suppressor minimises the sound of the gas blowback pistol being fired. Check the video to see for yourself.

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