ICS BLE PM2 Pistol Gameplay


Magaz ICS BLE PM2 Pistol Gameplay

ICS Captain Magaz uses the ICS BLE PM2, or the Makarov NBB Pistol version from ICS Airsoft that can be equipped with a suppressor. This is touted to be a stealth pistol that can go head to head against the favourite, the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM GBB Pistol in terms of being quiet... "I put the ICS BLE PM2 through it's paces in what might not be the best environment for it. Super close quarters, close quarters! The PM2 is aimed at the stealth, snipers sidearm niche. I opted to ignore that and get balls deep with it!

I experienced a couple of issues, but they are going to be explained in the full review video which will be coming soon!"

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