Secutor Velites S Series Pre-Order


If you prefer your airsoft shotgun to be spring powered rather than gas powered. Look forward to the release of the Velites S Series from Secutor Arms. SKWAirsoft are now accepting pre-orders from resellers for its eventual release this month... "Pre-order already available for the new series of SECUTOR VELITES S shotguns.

This series is composed of 3 models in 2 different colours.

STRM Airsoft: Secutor Velites G.VI Review


Next up to review the Secutor Velites G.VI Shotgun is STRM Airsoft. The Secutor Velites is based on the Tokyo Marui M870 Gas mechanism which is popular amongst airsoft players and allows for three/six shots to be fired simultaneously. Turn on your language captions to follow the review as it is done in Spanish.

Secutor Velites G-Series Promo Video


Here is a promo video of the Secutor Arms Velites G-Series which is now available at authorised sellers. This is an airsoft shotgun that is similar to the spring-fed shotgun operation of the Tokyo Marui M870 Spring Shotguns. The shell can hold 30 rounds and the shot can be adjustable from 3 to 6 BBs per shot.

Secutor To Release Gladius 17 In April


Secutor Arms sent in news yesterday that their Gladius 17 Pistol Series will be released next month. The design is familiar to Glock fans and will be available in four different colour schemes... "Secutor announces the new GLADIUS 17 series, the series composed of 4 models will be available in April in the market."

Secutor Velites Shotguns At IWA 2017


Apart from the Secutor Gladius 17 Gas Blowback Pistols, Secutor will be putting on display their Velites Shotgun Series later this week at the SKWAirsoft booth at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017... "SECUTOR announces the VELITES series. The series composed of 6 shotguns will be exhibited at IWA 2017, Hall 7 / Booth Number: 424."

Secutor Gladius 17 Pistols At IWA 2017


SKWAirsoft sends in notice that the Secutor Gladius 17 Gas Blowback Pistols will be on display at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 later this week... "SECUTOR announces the GLADIUS 17 new series. The series composed of 4 models will be available very soon in the market. It will be introduced for the first time at IWA 2017, Hall 7 / Booth Number: 424.

- Special purchasing conditions during the event -"

Secutor Rudis & Gladius Series Pistols


Another video from the Gun Gamers when they visited the SKWAirsoft/Zoxna booth during the SHOT Show 2017, and they check out the Secutor Rudis and Gladius Series Pistols... "E House and Andre stopped by the Zoxna booth at SHOT Show 2017 to check out the Secutor brand Rudis and Gladius series of airsoft handguns."

Secutor Enters Airsoft With Rudis Range


Secutor Arms, based in Taiwan, announce in their entry into the airsoft market with their "Rudis Range" of Gas/CO2 Blowback handguns with their VI in Black, III IN Gold, and XI in Silver... "We are SECUTOR, which means “hunter”. Secutors were feared gladiators, experts in hand-to-hand combat, and their sword was the most feared weapon at short distances. Nowadays, this gun takes its place among the warriors who venture into CQB short distances."

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