Secutor Velites S Series Pre-Order


If you prefer your airsoft shotgun to be spring powered rather than gas powered. Look forward to the release of the Velites S Series from Secutor Arms. SKWAirsoft are now accepting pre-orders from resellers for its eventual release this month... "Pre-order already available for the new series of SECUTOR VELITES S shotguns.

This series is composed of 3 models in 2 different colours.

Place your pre-order clicking this link.

VELITES S Series share the folowing features:

  • 3 Inner barrels
  • Inner barrel length: 300 mm
  • Hop Up: yes (fixed)
  • Bbs per shot: 3
  • Shells capacity: 30 bbs
  • Velocity: 270 FPS
  • Optimum range: 30 meters
  • Maximum range: 40 meters
  • 3 shells included
  • Continuous RIS
  • Flip up sights
  • Hand Stop kit included"

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