6mmProShop "Pilot" Face Mask Quick Look


A combination of a lower face mesh mask and google, the 6mmProShop "Pilot" Face Mask is available at Evike.com. This gives full face protection and iIntegrates well with popular helmets. It comes with spare lenses and modular helmet attachment, It is compatible with most helmets with ARC Rail style adapters and has passed ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test.

6mmProShop DSR-1 Advanced Bullpup Sniper Rifle At Evike.com


The hefty 6mmProShop Gas Powered Full Metal DSR-1 Advanced Bullpup Sniper Rifle is available at the Evike.com online store... "The futuristic DSR-1 bullpup style sniper rifle that has been featured in many popular video games and films is finally back and ready to rock the airsoft field (or your man-cave wall). Coming directly from the OEM of the original ARES DSR-1, this rifle returns just as you remember it; big, heavy, and intimidating.

6mmProShop MK18 MLOK AEG At Evike.com


Some airsoft players are admiring the stock of this 6mmProShop MK18 MLOK Airsoft AEG Rifle with MOSFET Trigger that can you can order right now from Evike.com... "6mmProShop MK18 M-LOK AEG rifles are an aggressive yet comfortable option in the world of M4-style rifles. Featuring an MLOK front handguard, they're ready for all types of tactical accessories. Pair that with the ergonomic pistol grip and adjustable stock, the MK18 MLOK is a capable and formidable weapon right out of the box.

6mmProShop Airsoft M203 Standalone Launcher


In stock right now at Evike.com is a 6mmProShop Airsoft M203 Standalone Grenade Launcher for those who prefer just showering the OPFOR with BBs... "The 6mmProShop Standalone Grenade Launcher Carrier kit lets you trim some weight off your rifle by taking that M203 launcher tube off and redeploying it as a standalone weapon; this way your primary weapon is more wieldy but you do not give up the additional firepower of a grenade launcher.

6mmProShop Mechanical Airsoft BB Grenade At Evike.com


Looking for affordable reusable airsoft grenades? Evike.com got these US$29 BB grenades from 6mmProShop... "Grenades in Airsoft have always been a complicated and rather expensive piece of kit to bring onto a field. Traditionally Airsoft grenades fall into two categories with the expensive refillable gas powered options or one time use burst styles. The cost of refillable grenades made it some what prohibitive for most players to bring more than one grenade with them and thus were used sparingly.

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