6mmProShop "Stryker" Electromagnetic Cannon Kit Assembly Guide


Evike 6mmProShop "Stryker" Electromagnetic Cannon Kit Assembly Guide

Matt shows how to assemble the 6mmProShop "Stryker" Electromagnetic Cannon Conversion Kit in this snap shot video. This kit is available at "Listen up Space Force Marines, you are the United Space Defense Associations (U.S.D.A.) first line of defense! Grab your Stryker Gauss Rifle and welcome those extraterrestrial scum to earth.

The 'Stryker' conversion kit fits your standard Tokyo Marui spec M4/M16 rifle to transform it from the same-ol cookie cutter black rifle everyone has seen a million times into something exciting!. The highly detailed kit is made from nylon fiber reinforced polymer and metal alloys to ensure quality and durability.

Built in battery level display shows 4 levels of remaining charge on your battery (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) so you will never be caught out in a firefight with a dying battery again."

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02 Dec 2022

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