LCT Airsoft Evolution - E.T.U. System


LCT Airsoft has announced their Evolution, AEGs with built-in E.T.U. systems. This system was developed in collaboration with leading MOSFET manufacturers in the airsoft market, including GATE Electronics, Perun Airsoft, Airsoft Systems, and AceTech. The new system offers a more stable and responsive field and gaming experience while also protecting your airsoft gun. For more information about this product, please visit the LCT official website.


RWTV Systema PTW Evolution Review


Tazz in a Tomb Raider-like scene as she reviews the Systema PTW Final Evolution M16 and shoots at statues... "New for 2012, the Systema Professional Training Weapon (PTW) represents the pinnacle of Systema's tuning technology in their widely popular Airsoft guns. Originally designed for law enforcement and military training use, PTW has found a wide audience with serious Airsofters over the years.

Systema PTW M4A1 CQBR MAX Evolution


Time to save up your month's salary (or more) if you are planning to get the new Systema PTW Evolution M4A1 Max CQB-R Series as the complete PTWs are now in stock at eHobby Asia. Just select which cylinder that you prefer to go with it... "Designed for police and military applications, the Systema PTW is the utimate training weapon.


Systema PTW Evolution M4A1 Challenge Kits


More Systema PTW Evolution Series Challenge kits are available now at eHobby Asia. Even if these are cheaper than the completed versions, you still need to shell out a hefty amount to get one of these especially when the Japanese Yen is strong right now affecting the pricing... "Exactly the same dimensions as the real steel version. Design for Upgrade Your Rifle Original Kit. This kit which includes all parts need to be assembled.

Evolution LR-300 ML-AXL Coyote Tan


Rules of Engagement in Essex have finally gotten their hands on the Coyote Tan version of the LR-300 ML-AXL made by Evolution Airsoft. You can have this for £379.99. Other models of the LR-300 with the same colour, you will have to wait until they have these in stock,. But some are still waiting for the gas blowback versions...

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