Dutch Open 2020 International Airsoft Practical Shooting Cancelled


One of the biggest events in action air, the Dutch Open, hosted by the International Airsoft Practical Shooting group of the NABV, is cancelled for this year. We were expecting an announcement on the 1st of September if it is a go or not, but it seems with the rising Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands and other European countries, they decided to announce it earlier.

Below is their official announcement on Facebook:

Airsoft Launchers & Shells Now Allowed In The Netherlands


Some good news for Dutch airsoft players last month, that the use of airsoft launches and shells are now allowed to be used in the country. The Dutch Airsoft Association, NABV, has put out a video announcing this with documents and safety regulations available to download... "Replicas of 40mm Launchers and Shells allowed on March 19, 2020. You can find more information online.

S2N SpeedQB 2019 European Champions


Second to None (S2N) team mainly comprised of Belgians are crowned as the Champions of the SpeedQB European Championships last month... "Congratulations to Second 2 None (@S2N.speedqb), our 2019 SpeedQB European Champions!  S2N battled 23 teams from EU and USA, winning the title after two days of intense competition held at DreamHack Rotterdam. S2N faced off against 2018 USA SpeedQB Champs SYG Airsoft in the finals, coming out on top after 2 matches, 6 rounds of heat. A well-deserved win and an amazing performance all weekend by the S2N crew!

New Airsoft Rules In Holland Explained


Last year, it was announced that new limits set in Joules instead of FPS will take effect in the Netherlands by the 1st of April 2019. The Dutch Airsoft Association, NABV, has put out a video to explain more as part of their info campaign to their members... "As of the 1st of april new rules apply for Airsoft in Holland. In this video we explain the changes as they are decided."

Transporting Airsoft In The Netherlands


Here is a tip for you when going to the Netherlands and bring your own airsoft guns as there are regulations that you need to keep in mind. Blackout Airsoft does a video to help you out... "So, lately we are receiving A LOT of questions from airsoft players outside of The Netherlands, about the regulations and how to cross the border with their airsoft replica's in order to attend airsoft games in The Netherlands.

Return Of The Legend: NABV Dutch Open 2017


Video from Miyako Studio they produced for the NABV IAPS on the Dutch Open 2017... "Once upon a time, in a small peaceful town of Geldermalsen. There was a gathering of the 120 best gunslingers around the world (well ... just the EU this time lol). It was not just a gathering, but a gathering to settle the score once and for all (just for 2017 that is lol), claiming the title of the top crack shot of the "wild" west of Airsoft.

Father & Daughter Lead Dutch Open `17 Winners


A father and daughter team made history in Action Air or Airsoft Practical Shooting at the Dutch Open 2017. Joeri and Lani De Haes of the Airsoft Action Disciplines (AAD) of Belgium won the Dutch Open 2017 Standard Division European Championship and Ladies Division European Championship respectively.

NABV 3x3 At The National Airsoft Center


NABV are having a 3x3 competition for Dutch airsoft players at the National Airsoft Centre in Geldermalsen. Click here for more details... "NABV present: Airsoft 3x3. A super fast airsoft new game mode. Two teams of three players take each other on in a standardised arena. Score points, take out the opponents, win the match!"

NABV National Airsoft Centre Opening


It finally opened last month. The NABV finally opened their National Airsoft Centre last 24 May 2017, the only airsoft facility that is run and maintained by a national airsoft organisation in the world, as far as we know. This is a big achievement for the Dutch, given that airsoft became legal in the Netherlands just a few years back and they come out as having the best run airsoft organisation in the world with airsoft now entrenched in their country.

Lars Hagemann At National Airsoft Center


Now we see the NABV's National Airsoft Center fully operational. Located in Geldermalsen in the Netherlands, this perhaps the first massive airsoft facility that is owned and managed by national airsoft association. Top IPSC shooter Lars Hagemann of Team CZ who is also helping promote Action Air conducted a Masterclass in airsoft practical shooting last 23 May. This is just a teaser video and a full video will be posted soon.

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