Poseidon Orion Combat 50 Mags Shooting Test


Poseidon posted a video last month testing their Orion Gas Blowback Pistol that they just released... "Brand new Poseidon SYS is equipped with patented all-in-one nozzle to increase durability. For future Poseidon new pistol models will be developed based on P-SYS. You don’t misread it, ORION still can work after 50 mags shooting testing. Even the pistol is frozen, full auto function works perfectly..."

Bigfoot Orion 4.0 And GTPC 2.0


Airsix TV goes over two tactical gear made by Bigfoot, the Orion 4.0 Belt Set and the GTPC 2.0 Plate Carrier which is a quick release tactical vest. Bigfoot is a company that makes replica tactical gear for use in airsoft and Airsix TV is a Korean-language airsoft channel.

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