Evike Customer Appreciation Week 2020 Raffle Draw


The final day of the Evike.com's Customer Appreciation Week was marked with a raffle draw via livestream given that there is no onsite event at their Superstore in California as they cancelled AirsoftCon 2020 and instead a weeklong online Customer Appreciation event took place. We are posting all the videos of the livestream which first started on YouTube and then moved to Facebook due to some technical concerns. If you think you are one of the raffle prize winners, then watch the recorded version to find out.

Elite Force WANTED Raffle Draw


Want to win an unreleased HK MP7 gas blowback SMG in DEB and Elite Force 4CRL AEG made by Vega Force Company (VFC) ? Then try to grab some tickets for the Elite Force Wanted Raffle that will happen this weekend... "Elite Force WANTED raffle Saturday April 5th at SSAIRSOFT's 4 year anniversary celebration. MUST attend to win!

PRIZES - Unreleased HK MP7 GBB in DEB and our EF 4CRL by VFC.

G&G Monthly Lucky Draw June Winner


Juan Pichardo is shown here displaying the G&G GR4 G26 Standard DST Blowback which was won by Edgar Barriga of Peru for the G&G's Lucky Draw Promo for June. This is an ongoing promo from G&G where the grand prize will be a free trip to Taiwan and become G&G's VIP. All you need to do is buy a G&G airsoft product and register the authentication code.

G&G Monthly Lucky Draw April Winner


Sylvia is back on our YouTube screens again for the April Draw of the G&G Lucky Draw promo in which the grand prize is a free VIP trip to Taiwan courtesy of G&G Armament. In this April draw, the lucky winner of GR4 G26 Standard DST Blowback AEG is Tam Van from the US of A. Watch Sylvia with her new hairdo draw the lucky number last 17 April.

G&G Armament Lucky Draw Latest Winner


Here's Sylvia from G&G Armament drawing the lucky winner for the month of February for their G&G Lucky Draw Promo and it's Patrick Callan of Ireland who gets to win a brandn new GR$ G26 Standard Plastic Blowback AEG. This is the last draw before the final draw where the winner gets to bag a free trip to Taiwan and visit the G&G Office and enjoy going around the country. Better register before the 1st of March 2013 in order to qualify for the raffle.

Tiger111HK 2012 Lucky Draw Promo


For this year's Click Me Now Lucky Draw from Tiger111HK, they have prepared 12 hot items for the raffle draw with free shipping included for the lucky winners. You will have to purchase something and like them at their Facebook page in order to qualify for this raffle draw. There will be 6 gifts to be shown at airsoft forums, and 6 more gifts at the Tiger111HK Facebook Fans Page.

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