Eotech Lens Protectors & ACOG Kill Flash On Amazon


Muddy Reviews tries lens protectors and kill flash that can be found on Amazon if they are worth using on your airsoft optics such as the Eotech and ACOG replicas... "Hey everybody welcome back to another Muddy Review, in this episode we are looking at Amazon Eotech Lens protectors and ACOG Kill Flash and trying to answer the question, are they worth it?

Airsoft Mike: ASG Lens Protector


Airsoft Mike checks out a lens protector for your optics from Action Sports Game (ASG)... "So I bought this new Lens Protection by ASG! Will it do the job? Join me as I unbox, review and put it through its paces in my impact test! This is available from Ebay UK (Ships worldwide) also available from Amazon UK. Just search for ASG Lens Protection."

Lens Protector & GoPro Case Mod Tutorial


Phoenix Feature Airsoft has this video tutorial to making a Lens Protector and GoPro Case modification to protect your action camera... "Hey Guys! Here I show you how I modified my GoPro Hero 5 housing for Airsoft and add a Lens protector to the case as well. So you never go home with a shattered Lens again...."

Airsoftology: Kermit Airsoft Lens Protector


Airsoftology reviews the Kermit Airsoft Laser-Cut Lens Protection for your Contour HD Actio Camera. It's a good investment to protect and expensive piece of equipment as long as it doesn't affect the quality of the video... "After getting our Contour lens shot out, we went on a search for an affordable and easy to install protector and I think we may have found it."

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