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Vote Now & Get The Chance To Win Any Of These Raffle Prizes!

4APCA Voting Reminder Week 2

The response of the airsoft community when we opened the voting period of the 4th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards has been tremendous and already, half of the votes cast during the 3rd Airsoft Players' Choice Awards have already been cast in the 4th Edition just one week into the voting period. There are three more weeks to go, and this means that our readers will break the numbers again for the 4th time.

With finalists all deserving to get your votes, will there be any excuse not to vote? You do not need to vote in all categories, you just need to vote in categories that you are very familiar with.


Please remember that one airsoft player = one vote. We will not tolerate any attempt to rig the vote in favour of any finalist and may cause the immediate disqualification of any finalist.

But if you need an even more compelling reason for you to vote, then we're ready for that: RAFFLE PRIZES!

We have already announced the raffle prizes during the Nomination Period. But we'll repeat it once again if you were not made aware of the existence of this raffle prizes. We're sure you would love these prizes as some of these are some of the most sought after airsoft guns in the market today. Not to mention, that these are the high end ones and some are more affordable but really well-made to really make their worth.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we have to pleasure to present some of the raffle prizes waiting for the lucky voters of the 4th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards:



Three hot items from Tokyo Marui: the HK416D DEVGRU Custom Next Generation AEG, the M870 Tactical Gas-Powered Shotgun, and the M320A1 Airsoft Grenade Launcher. A gas blowback pistol will also be added to the list of raffle prizes so stay tuned. (Update: It's the M9A1 Gas Blowback Pistol!)

And has thrown in three pieces of the Inova T3 Tactical Flashlights to sweeten the pot for global winners:


Now, European airsoft players are lucky when they vote as there are prizes mainly on offer for them courtesy of Gunfire and these are excellent prize packages too!

E&L Airsoft EL-74N Assault Rifle Replica

Specna Arms SA-A01 Carbine Replica

Three Gunfire Gift sets containing:

There are still more raffle prizes that will entice you to vote as we await further confirmation from our generous sponsors and we'll announce them immediately once word is sent to us.

What are you waiting for? Vote now and help us determine the best in the 4th Airsoft Players Choice Awards.

And we shamelessly plug our generous sponsors and supporters who without them, these awards would not have been possible Please do click on their logos and visit their websites: