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Intel Capital Invests In Recon Instruments

Recon Jet & Intel

The Recon Jet of Recon Instruments, which we deemed to be what is supposed to be the future of Tactical Hud, is now a reality, with over 50,000 units already shipped to customers worldwide. What this means, that wearable computers, especially in the eyewear segment, is now a reality. Recon Instruments have beaten Google's Google Glass Project to the market as the latter is just mainly available to developers for them to test and try apps they want to develop for it.

I have already explained the potential of the Recon Jet for MIL/LE and Airsoft/Milsim Purposes as long as developers would be able to develop the applications needed by such users to be able to work effectively and be connect the Recon Jet to their existing equipment, especially radios, smartphones, and portable computers.

With such a high degree of potential uses for both civilian and tactical sectors, Recon Instruments have attracted Intel Capital, which of course belongs to the company that powers most of the world's computers, Intel. What this means for Recon Instruments, is that the full resources of Intel such as research, manufacturing, and market reach will be opened to them, and such resources will help them secure their top mover position in this market.

For Intel, they see the massive potential of translating the technology of Recon Jet for many uses in various sectors business, medical, construction, first responder research, manufacturing, and more and not only for the consumer sector as the industries mentioned would be able to fully utilise the use of the Recon Jet technology.

The future is bring for Recon Instruments, and the Recon Jet is actually cheaper than the US$1,500 Google Glass since both the white and black colours are being sold at US$599. And in celebration of their Intel Capital investment, they are taking off US$100.00 the Recon Jet for those who order now until the 6th of October. So take your change to wear something that you can bring outdoors and look cool, or for our purposes, tacticool and high tech.

Press Release below:

Recon Instruments Secures Investment from Intel Capital

Relationship Accelerates Heads-up Display Maker's Trajectory in Wearable Computing

26th September 2013, Vancouver - Recon Instruments, the award winning technology company behind the world's first consumer Heads-up Displays (HUD) for sports, is pleased to announce that Intel Capital has made a significant investment in the company. The funding will support Recon's product development, marketing and global sales expansion. Recon Instruments will also benefit from Intel Capital's expertise in manufacturing, operations and technology.

Complete information regarding Recon Instruments and its newest product, the Recon Jet, can be found at

"Wearable computing is a major, accelerating phenomenon that re-defines how we use and interact with information," said Mike Bell, Vice President and General Manager of the New Devices Group at Intel Corporation. "In Recon Instruments, we see compelling technology and a solid strategy to capitalize on the wearable revolution. This is an area of significant focus for Intel Capital, and our investment in Recon Instruments is a key part of our approach to innovation in this emerging space."

Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments said: "We have spent the last five years leading the Heads-Up Display category in the consumer space. In fact, Recon has shipped more than 50,000 Heads-up Displays worldwide, including a very successful campaign in Apple retail stores. Our products are engineered to deliver instant information, direct-to-eye and without distraction in the most demanding environments on Earth. Intel Capital shares our vision for wearable technology, which enhances users' performance and experience across a broad range of sports and outdoor activities."