4UAD Smart Airsoft: The Different AEG To Collect


4UAD Smart Airsoft LCT LC-3K

In this episode and not an ASMR sessions, 4UAD Smart Airsoft goes over the LCT Airsoft LC-3K AEG as distinct airsoft gun to collect apart from the usual ARs and AKs. It is made from steel, machined aluminum, and polymer, and it has a V2 gearbox that houses a polycarbonate piston, a brass cylinder, and a CNC aluminum cylinder head. The hop up unit is a durable polymer, rotary design, and it is housed in the beefy steel outer barrel. The LC-3K comes in shooting at 430fps out of the box, and paired with the rotary hop, and a 515mm inner barrel, this LC-3 is perfectly suited to perform within the DMR role on the field. The folding stock also lends the rifle well in a more cqb environment just in case. The magazine of the rifle is a polymer interior with a steel casing on the outside that hold 140 rounds.

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