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Airsoft Surgeon STI Pro Open Race Gun

Airsoft Surgeon STI Pro Open Race Gun

You just can't help but admire the work of the Airsoft Surgeon, this one's an impressive race gun and it costs US$1579 at RedWolf Airsoft... "The STI Open Race Gun is for those who take Airsoft shooting seriously. With the Unique Surgeon Hop up system (Still not yet available separately), it is capable of punching a 2cm grouping from 10 meters away. Feather weight trigger with shorten stroke recoil action means you can pull off more shots than ever before in less time. Super fast response, this is the Ferrari of race guns. If you want the best, look no further.

Airsoft Surgeon's Latest High End hand-built IPSC race pistol is for serious shooters who won't compromise. Features the following:

  • CNC Aluminum frame
  • Airsoft Surgeon STI Custom Slide with Comp (hand machined)
  • Airsoft Surgeon Stainless Steel Outer barrel (hand machined)
  • PDI 7" Palsonite inner barrel
  • Real steel STI scope mount
  • Real steel STI trigger
  • Airsoft Surgeon feather weight sear spring
  • O-ring loaded cocking handle
  • Airsoft Surgeon Steel hammer
  • Steel Ambi safety
  • Steel Grip safety
  • Steel Slide lock
  • Airsoft Surgeon Hand checkered mag release
  • Airsoft Surgeon Light weight Housing
  • Airsoft Surgeon unique handmade Metal Hop up set"