APS UAR 501X The Best Of Airsoft Bullpups?


Viken Airsoftspill APS UAR 501X The Best Of Airsoft Bullpups?

Viken Airsoftspill gives his take on the APS UAR 501X AEG, the airsoft gun used as gun prop in "The Expanse", one of the best sci-fi TV series ever made... "This is an honest review of the APS Urban Assault Rifle Black 501X.

If you choose to by the APS UAR 501 make sure its the X version. XB or XT. Reason is the gearbox is Lipo ready, improved and has a mosfet. It has an excellent trigger response for a Bullpup, and a great price tag. Is it the best Airsoft Bullpup on the market? At this pricetag it is.

I've tested it indoors, speedball outdoors and a two-day milsim game.

It chronos stably around 1.17 J with .25 BBs. Same as 350 fps measured with .2 BBs. APS has done a good job with this."

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