L'Antre Du Dingo: APS Striker 12 Mk3


L'Antre Du Dingo does a full review of the Streetsweeper made by APS for airsoft. The APS MK3 Street Sweeper Revolver Airsoft Shotgun is built with a sturdy polymer body and metal magazine and barrel for realistic feel and durability. This replica of the real-life "Streetsweeper" shotgun, originally designed for military use, features a comfortable grip, folding stock, and a cool gas system for fast and easy reloading during airsoft games.

APS AK Lineup At Toronto Airsoft


APS also makes AK AEGs apart from the ARs and realistic operating shotgun series they are known for. In this video, Toronto Airsoft show the AK AEGs from APS that they have on their shelves such as the APS Tactical AK74, APS ASK209 Tactical PMC AK74, APS ASK210 Eastern Ghost Patrol, APS ASK211 Eastern Ghost Patrol, and the APS ASK212 Ghost Patrol "RUS".

Airsoft Master: APS Striker 12 Street Sweeper


Airsoft Master got the APS Striker 12 Street Sweeper gas powered airsoft shotgun at their store and here is what they say about it... "The APS Striker 12 Street sweeper is a gas powered shotgun that uses shells  that hold the bb's and gas propulsion. Plus this is a really cool innovation from APS alongside their CAM 870. It is really close to a real like shotgun and can help clear corners in those CQB Fields.



The APS ACP622 XTCP Gas Blowback Pistol gets reviewed by Logan Plays if it is something he can recommend to airsoft players on a budget... "The APS ACP622 is a top gas blowback airsoft pistol which is made from polymer and steel construction and feels ultra realistic. Very affordable Pistol for anyone.

In this video we'll show you:

RWTV's APS Striker Street Sweeper Shotgun Review


The APS Striker Street Sweeper Shotgun is now available at RedWolf Airsoft, and the RWTV got a unit to giver their take... "After years of development, APS Conception has successfully recreated the Striker-12 combat and riot control shotgun, also known as the "Street Sweeper", as an Airsoft revolver shotgun that uses their devastating MK3 CAM870 cartridge shells to power the action.

APS Adaptive Combat CO2 Pistol Unboxing


TX Outlaw does a quick unboxing video of the APS Adaptive Combat Pistol. The Combat Adaptive Pistol boasts a slim, all-hand-size-fitting grip, enhanced grip texture, familiar magazine release, glow-in-the-dark sights, TM-compatible parts (including stronger hammer spring and reinforced nozzle), visible ejection port for safety checks, and fits most aftermarket holsters.

Mach Sakai Reviews The APS AKS74 EBB


A check by Mach Sakai on the APS AKS74 AEG that comes with Electric Blowback. This is a full metal and real wood model with a blowback gimmick. It measures 950mm in overall length, with an inner barrel length of 460mm, and comes with a multi-bullet magazine. The gun’s smaller diameter of 5.45 x 39 mm improves controllability during full auto, a known weakness of the AK47, and it features a large flash hider. The battery, compatible with BATON airsoft lipo, is an AK eel type stored in the receiver.

The Most Controversial Airsoft Replica


Find out what this airsoft gun is in this video by GuidoFTO... "We have modified my AKS Battle Worns APS Airsoft Replica to make it the most controversial replica I have created to date, a true Monster! With the new T238 Motor we get better sound and shooting speed when playing Airsoft battles with friends! Do you think this should be legal or prohibited?

APS ASK AEG With Edge III Gear Box


APS announced that they hace released a new ASK AK-style electric blowback AEG that comes with the EDGE III Gearbox. The “Silver Edge” gearbox is fully polished and features a polycarbonate piston, a steel gear set, and a ported cylinder. It also includes 8mm stainless steel ball bearings for smooth operation. One of its unique features is the integrated 'quick spring release' function which allows for easy spring changes.

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