BadaBing Pictures On The GHK AKM V3 GBBR


BadaBing Pictures On The GHK AKM V3 GBBR

It looks like the GHK AKM V3 GBBR did not pass muster in this evaluation by BadaBing Pictures. Watch the video to find out why... "The Version 3 GHK AKM GBBR. This time around GHK have not been very good to the community and this latest generation has got off to a disappointing start.

This video was supposed to play completely different than the way it turned out, and it has deflated my enthusiasm. Here is my overview of their new AKM. I touched on several points, but also missed out on a few others. I shall endeavour to return later on down the line with a full review. Including accuracy, range, cold weather etc…"

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