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Baikal MP-654K CO2 Pistol

Baikal MP-654K CO2 Full Metal Pistol

Not quite sure if this is the same as the UMAREX branded Baikal MP-654K CO2 Air Pistol which fires .177 rounds, Anyway, Airsoft Buddy is announcing that it has this in stock, and it's also made in Russia. It's based on the Makarov MP-654K pistol and we'd rather recommend it for target practice and not for skirmishing and we stress on the last part for safety's sake. Airsoft Buddy is selling this for US$256 if you're interested. Let's be clear with this posting, this is not an airsoft pistol.

Baikal MP-654K CO2 Full Metal Pistol


  • Magazine:13 rounds
  • Length:169mm
  • Weight:730g
  • Caliber:4.5mm/.177
  • System:CO2 System
  • Power in Hong Kong:1.8J
  • Initial Velocity:363FPS
  • With individual serial number