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Classic Army BT5K

Airsoft Extreme

Classic Army items now in stock at Airsoft Extreme, and one is the new CA BT5K (HK MP5K PDW)... "The Classic Army BT5K packs quite a punch in this pint sized AEG.  It comes equipped with a 200 round hicap and has a loud bark! People will know you are shooting when you pull the trigger on this little firecracker!  Click image for more details.

  • Classic Army B&T BT5K
  • A3 Lower Receiver
  • 7mm Bearing Gear Box
  • Moveable Cocking Lever
  • High Performance Motor
  • 200 Rd Hi-Cap Magazine
  • Metal Front Sight and Rear Sight
  • Bearing Spring Guide, Bearing Piston Head & Sealed Bore Up Cylinder"