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Deep Fire Enhanced Hop-Up System Review

Deep Fire Enhanced Hop-Up System Review

Booligan makies a full review of the Deep Fire Enhanced Hop-Up System and this is what he says... "I wasn't really sure what to expect with this kit, as I haven't had any experience with this new hop-up system before. I thought that with some work, the TM system can be as good as you'll ever need. Frankly, this system blows any of the standard hop-up combinations that I've used out of the water in my experience. It is super consistent, has a fantastic air seal, and has the potential to give you a lot higher hop-power than you can get with a standard hop-up. I can only hope that they make the system available for sale on its own, so more users can try it out."

Full review at Booligan Airsoft whilst below is the video overview.