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G&G GSS AEG Video Preview

G&G GSS AEG Video Preview

As mentioned before, there is a race to release two Russian-designed rifles in the market this year, namely the AS Val and the VSS Vintorez. We know that King Arms, Smart Team, and LCT Airsoft are to release their version, but another big airsoft is in the running and they seem to be putting their version of the VSS Vintorez into production.

G&G Armament have uploaded a video in the Russian Language showing their production ready G&G GSS AEG. It is a full working model, and given that G&G have a very strong presence in Russia, access to details and design is also easier for them. No details yet on actual release date and pricing but if you're interested in getting one soon, better badger your retailer to place their pre-orders early on to get an allocation from the first batch.

The question really now is, who amongst the manufacturers will be the first to place ther airsoft VSS Vintorez on the hands of retailers? As they say, first move advantage is always good.