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Hyperdouraku Tries The SVGMAP App

Hyperdouraku SVGMAP App

Not exactly a first in airsoft but it still is an interesting app, Hyperdouraku reports about the Survival Game Map (SVGMAP) which is an mapping application using Google Maps and available for Android and iOs device users. In the event organised by SVGMAP, players of up to 90 were able to use the app, making it able to accommodate that number of players. Players can use this by logging in to the app from there you can see the players who are logged in at the site  and you can find objectives and player positions using the maps.

Teams can then coordinate their tactics to win using the app. But as much as this is a good app, the main issue is the location of game sites, especially woodland sites where 3G and 4G coverage is poor making connectivity a problem.

Read more about the app at Hyperdouraku.