Krytac KRISS Vector GBB Sample At Land Warrior Sports


LWA Krytac KRISS Vector GBB

With the high anticipation of the release of the Krytac KRISS Vector GBB, to whet your appetites, Land Warrior Sports got a sample to show you in pictures. You can place a pre-order from their online store... "Here at Land Warrior, we were lucky enough to be given a sample of the brand-new Krytac Kriss Vector Gas Blowback before its official release!

LWA Krytac KRISS Vector GBB 02


LWA Krytac KRISS Vector GBB 03

As soon we received the replica, as it was snowing that day with the warehouse suitably cold, we sent it through the Chrono to see how consistent it would be in cold (aka The Standard in the UK!) temperatures. After gassing it up with some Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas and loading it with .25 BB's, 60 rounds were put through with no issues! Following that we pressed it into the snow covering one of our staff members cars and got a video of it shooting, where it also performed very well. You can see this video in all its bad-action glory on our social media now!

We also decided to put the Vector through its paces at this years England vs Scotland Airsoft Event with Stirling Airsoft. At this event, the temperature plummeted to a freezing -7 degrees, so naturally it was a great test for the new GBB SMG we had brought along with us. Once again, the RIF performed above and beyond our expectations and a whole mag was sent down range without the need for refilling the gas! Plus, all those who got hands on with it at the event loved it just as much as we did!

LWA Krytac KRISS Vector GBB 04


LWA Krytac KRISS Vector GBB 05

The All-New and Officially Licensed KRISS Vector Gas Blowback replica is live for Pre-Order on our website right now!

The latest addition to Krytac gas-powered product line, at its core uses a uniquely designed bolt assembly that is engineered for optimal gas/CO2 operation. The lightweight bolt assembly on the Vector GBB was specifically designed to achieve fast rate of fire and improved gas efficiency allowing for more shots on a single charge, straight from their new 60 round lightweight gas-powered aluminum magazines that will come standard on all GBB Vectors.

LWA Krytac KRISS Vector GBB 06

The KRYTAC KRISS Vector GBB is scheduled to arrive early January 2024, subject to change. Pre-Order is available right now on our website, along with more details including pricing. GBB magazines will be available on release, CO2 magazines will be available in Q1 2024.

Are you excited for this release?"

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