Lambda B&T GHM9-G GBB The Scorpion Killer?


RWTV Lambda B&T GHM9-G GBB The Scorpion Killer?

Check the Lambda B&T GHM9-G GBB if it is the Scorption killer in this video by RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV)... "This fully licensed B&T GHM9-G GBB by Lambda Defense ensures you have ample firepower to dominate the battlefield. Named after the aggressive scorpion eating Grasshopper Mouse, its lightweight design allows for swift and agile movements, granting you a tactical advantage over your opponents. The robust plastic receiver provides durability without sacrificing performance, making it a reliable companion in any airsoft skirmish. In this week's review, Andrew takes a closer look at the GHM-9 by Lambda Defense SMG and pushes it to its limits."

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