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RedWolf Blog On The AI 40 Mike

AI 40 Mike

Latest RedWolf Airsoft Blog touches on the new Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike 40mm Gas Shell... " We should be no strangers to A.I. and their craziness when it comes to producing airsoft grenades. They were they ones who really pushed hard to make the grenade a more mainstream product. In years past we have seen the Cyclone, Tornado, and XL Burst all come from them and they all represented a significant push in that product's market segment.  But if you look at what those products represented, they were basically a refinement of what was either "already" out there or products with 'similar' function.

This is why the 40 Mike is so different.  The only similarity it has with any other product right now is that it designed to be a 40mm grenade that can fit into launchers, but that is it.  Traditionally, launcher based grenades were shower types (I know there are others but I am taking about the general majority of them).  By pulling the trigger once, a shower of BBs come flying out of the grenade and while useful in close quarters or tight spaces, you usually won't hit a single thing the moment you take it out side.  You can usually bet that aiming it is futile as well.  But with the 40 Mike, it shoots a stream of BBs out at a stable 240FPS in a pretty much straight line.  Its also allows you to shoot 150bbs in a 1/3 of a second out to a 100ft with a 10ft spread (30m with a 3m spread)."

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