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Theft of Airsoft Cargo of Airsoft Warrior

Airsoft Warrior

Somebody picked this up at the Arnies Airsoft forums that Airsoft Warrior just had their consignment of Airsoft ACMs stolen. We're posting this to inform all UK-based players to be on the lookout for ACMs being sold in the market at "Too Good To Be True" prices. We also encourage everyone to look at Ebay, local classified sites/ads, auction sites, or just by word of mouth if you suspect to be stolen airsoft products. It would also be a big issue if these are also used in crime. SO BE ON THE LOOK OUT and let's help Airsoft Warrior and the UK Airsoft community.


Here's the full message:

I have been requested to post the following information regarding a robbery from Airsoft Warrior.

Hi everybody.

I've been authorised by Rob & Simon of Airsoft Warrior to relay this message to all airsofters.


The information here is all i'm willing & able to give as it's all i know & is all thats neccesary.


On the 11th of September 2007 between 8.45pm & 9.30pm Airsoft warrior owners Rob & Simon had their new, very large, consignment stolen during transit along the M4 corridor whilst traveling from HM customs to their warehouse.

They stopped at the site where i work for food & when they returned to their van the entire consignment of Army, JG, D-Boys, Cyma, DE etc AEG's & kit had been taken.

After calling the police they came in to me to report the incident & after i established that they were Airsoft Retailers i explained that i too was an airsofter & offered to put this information on the web to make everybody aware of whats happened.

They agreed that this was a good idea & here we are.

Its very important that note be taken to the fact that its highly likely that these airsoft guns will be soon sold on so care should be taken to make sure that stolen goods are not being recieved.

I've also been told to say that if you are an existing customer of Airsoft Warrior awaiting a delivery please don't worry as anybody who may be affected by this theft will be contacted personally by either Rob or Simon as soon as humanly possible.

If everybody starts sending E-mails & calling their office it will retard the speed in which they can resolve any problems which may have occured.

They promise to contact every one affected.

Please Do not reply to this thread as i'm only conveying a message on behalf of Airsoft Warrior.

Should you have any information which may be relevant to this theft Please contact Airsoft Warrior at their office on 01237 459744 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please do not contact me regarding this as i will have no further involvement in the case, I am meerly a messenger.

Thanks all,