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The Wolverine MTW HPA rifle is back at Land Warrior Sports plus some of the sough after HPA products from the company... "HPA rifles, engines and accessories from Wolverine back in stock at Land Warrior! As well as the popular MTW rifles, we now have regulators, air lines and tanks available - everything you need to be combat ready!

Part of our recent delivery includes a restock of Wolverine Airsoft’s flagship Airsoft Replica; the MTW Forged Series. Like all MTW’s it has been designed and built from the ground up to deliver unrivalled performance, modularity, and compatibility.

Starting life with real AR-15 forgings we machine them to our intrinsically aligned HPA airsoft spec, including spring loaded charging handle, forward assist, and cosmetic dust cover. Extremely robust all metal CNC machined operator controls featuring adjustable curved trigger, ambidextrous selector, and bolt catch. Powered by the simply dominate Inferno Gen2 engine combined with a CNC aluminium Hop-Up. Precisely controlled by an Advanced Electronics kit with optical select fire sensor and a Premium FCU.

Another restocked item that we're super excited about is the MTW Forged Tactical 10" SBR airsoft rifle. The ultimate in performance, reliability, and modularity. Built from the ground up and featuring a forged upper and lower receiver, CNC aluminium hop-up, Inferno Gen2 engine, and a host of other premium features, in addition to its high-performance internals the rifle also features a number of external features that make it ideal for serious airsoft players.

A new item we received with this delivery is the Wolverine Flex Line, a 36-inch long HPA line that connects your airsoft rifle to your regulator, made with high-quality materials and construction, and is designed to withstand the rigours of airsoft combat. The Flex Line features a protective black braided sleeve to prevent damage to the hose, and is fitted with US-style Foster fittings for easy compatibility with most regulators and HPA tanks. The Wolverine Flex Line is a must-have for any MTW owner who wants to improve the performance and reliability of their HPA setup.

A great pairing with this awesome Flex Line would be our freshly restocked Category 5, the next evolution of the STORM regulator! The Category 5 is optimised for reliably fast, adaptable, and consistent performance across the entire pressure range needed for HPA products. Get the most out of your Wolverine Airsoft HPA system!

All this and so much more is available now at Land Warrior Sports! For more news like this be sure to follow us over the various socials we're on and to also check out our website!

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