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Airsoft Amigos: KWA Ronin TK-45C Review

It's the first review on the new Ronin TK-45C AEG from KWA another SBR for the airsoft market and it's done by the Airsoft Amigos... "Hot off the presses, it's our official KWA Ronin TK-45C review. With some solid time on our hands, the Airsoft Amigos highlight KWA's latest 45ACP offering."

Evike: ZShot x Odin M12 Transformer

The Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder was an innovatve speedloader, but there is a new kid on the block from the same maker, the M12 Transformer. Matt and the crew check it out the ZShot booth during the SHOT Show 2019... "If you thought the M12 Sidewinder broke Airsoft, wait until you hear more about the newly updated M12 Transformer. Check this video out for more details."

Vickers Tactical: The Beretta M12S

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical tries the Beretta M12S, which is a redesigned variant of the Model 12 and released in 1978. This uses a 32-round 9mm magazine. It has a grip safety the locks the trigger and bolt in postion that prevents firing if the gun is dropped to the ground. The fire selector switch is a push-pin button for single fire or burst fire.

PMC Loadout By Viper Tactical

It's an all-Viper Kit for this episode of 0'20 Magazine. Javi and Cesar put together a list of gear that can sources from Viper Tactical that can help you build that that PMC impression. From the Special Ops Chest Rig to the Fleece Hoodie, to the Rigger Belt, Viper Tactical got the stuff you need.

"Why Cash Prizes Are A Bad Idea"

A topic that you might want to give your opinion. The Gun Gamers talk about why cash prize are a bad idea in this SpeedSim episode... "Today on SpeedSim, Eric and Amy discuss their thoughts on why cash prizes are a bad idea for airsoft games, and the difficulties of balancing a tournament sufficiently to make airsoft properly competitive."

Bollé ULTIM8 Eye Protection Review

Airsoft Review en Español checks out the ULTIM8 eye protection from Bollé. The company recommends this eyewear for cold, hot, dusty, and humid environments, as it offers offers a maximal resistance to fogging thanks to PLATINUM coating. Sounds and looks good, but how does it fare in airsoft? Watch the video below:

StrikeCon 2019 & LCT Airsoft AK-12 News

Alexander of Red Army Airsoft reports about the annual Russian Airsoft Convention, StrikeCon 2019. He talks about the upcoming products and releases from TAGInn, Zeus, GeoTactics, Ars Armah and the replica Elcan SpecterDR Gen III from Loken. Also covered is the LCT Airsoft AK-12, VVD Proteus 3 and FAB Defense.

AR-15-Style 9mm Series From Stag Arms

With the rage on AR-15-style 9mm guns, will the licensee of Stag Arms build its own airsoft series? You know who you are. Lock N Load Radio1 checks out the Stag Arms 9mm AR 9 & 9T Series at the SHOT Show 2019... "So I am walking around SHOTShow 2019, when the crew from Ammoland rolls up needing a favor. Will I head to Stag Arms and film their new Pistol Caliber Carbine?"

Sig Sauer Team Sets NRA Speed Record

Guns America post the video showing the Sig Sauer Team set a new NRA Speed Record at the SHOT Show 2019... "Sig Sauer's Pro Team made up of World Champion Shooters Max Michel, Daniel Horner, and Lena Miculek set a new shooting world record by knocking down 42 pieces of steel in just 4.42 seconds on their first attempt. The record was verified by the NRA." PolarStar SHOT Show 2019 continue to post videos they took from the SHOT Show 2019 and they have PolarStar Airsoft talk about the UGS and CGS stocks... "The manufacturer PolarStar Airsoft showed some of their new and upcoming stocks and buffer tubes for HPA powered airsoft guns.

The product Universal Gas Stock (UGS) was recently released and they also showed some prototypes of their CO2 Gas Stock (CGS) which will be released later this year. More details later."