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Bespoke Airsoft: Golden Eagle G36C AEG

Another overview video from Bespoke Airsoft featuring the Golden Eagle G36C AEG. An affordable AEG that can help new players and be used by veterans as well, this usually comes witha 7mm bushing gearbox. Hop-up is adjustable and comes with a 300-round high-capacity AEG magazine.

Cheating At A U.S. SpeedSoft Tourney?

Was there cheating? Well, it is a topic that Jonathan Higgs talks about in this episode of the Airsoftology Q&A, so watch the video to find out what tournament was that. Furtheron, he touches on knock-off EOTechs, Elite Force, and two-tone airsoft guns if they are cool or not. Interesting questions, eh?

"Tippmann Mail Call:

Another Q&A Special By The BB Warrior

Well, an interesting line-up of topics by The BB Warrior such as meme guns, SpeedSoft haters, and college life in this Q&A Special. Questions for this session are submitted his viewers... "Today we're answering questions submitted by you, the fans! The topics range from Airsoft Culture and Cliques, to College Life and Video Games."

Firesupport Giveaway Winners Day 13

Announcement of Day 13 winners of the Firesupport January 2019 £3500 Prize Giveaway that is supported by ICS Airsoft. Everyday for the whole month of January, a lucky winner will be chosen. So goodluck to Firesupport customers... "Firesupport News January 2019- £3500 prize giveaway winners to date:

Incoming! RAPTOR SV-98 Sniper Rifle

Start saving up and wait after the Chinese New Year to get this rifle. Raptor Airsoft announced that they will be releasing the Raptor SV-98 Airsoft Sniper Rifle after the big event in the Chinese calendar. This is based on the  SV-98 (Snaiperskaya Vintovka Model 1998), a bolt action Russian-design sniper rifle that is used by special operations.


BB2K Airsoft: EMG SAI DS 2011

A pistol this time for Bruce in this BB2K Airsoft review covering the EMG SAI DS 2011 Hi-Capa GBB Pistol... "Again, true to the motto "the eye shoots with you", I am packing a beauty for you today. The speech is from the EMG International SAI 2011 DS Training Airsoft. This licensed Hi-Capa Airsoft comes with all SAI logos and is available in 5.1, 4.3 in black, gray or silver. Furthermore, you can choose from an aluminum or high-grade steel variant.

New G&G Armament PCC9 AEG

G&G Armament releases a limited edition PCC9 AEG and should be available at resellers very soon so check with them if you want another AR-style SBR that uses a 9mm-style magazine... "The newest kid on the block, the PCC 9 features the same high-performance internals as the ARP 9 with slight external modifications. It comes with a lightweight M-LOK metal rail and a crane stock for easier battery compatibility. Don't hold off on getting one because we will only make 3,000 units worldwide.

AMNB: BE-X FronTier One Hard Shell Review

Chris  of Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) sends in news about two reviews covering the two components of the BE-X Frontier One Hard Shell Clothing, the Jacket and Trousers. These are carried by the German retailer Begadi, and are designed for civilian and military use. Something you might one to consider when you are looking for outer layers.

Gun Gamers: Omega Productions Desolation

E House and Ian give their take on the event they attended, Desolation by Omega Productions in this Gun Gamers event review... "This past weekend, Eric and Ian (not the cool one though) from Gun Gamers attended a full immersion, post-apocalyptic LARP event from Omega Productions.  In this video, we discuss our experiences at the event, and our thoughts on the potential Omega Productions demonstrates for the future.

Salty Old Gamer: What BBs To Use?

Another Salty Old Gamer guide as he helps you decide which airsoft BBs to use... "Help! What airsoft BBs should I use? Welcome to another video in our airsoft beginner series. We're talking about BB Weight and BB Quality, and telling you exactly why what kind of BB you use DOES indeed matter. Want to know why airsoft bb quality and weight matters, and when to use what kind of bbs in your airsoft gun? Watch and find out."