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US Model 24 Sniper Rifle Commercial Version

Finally PDI-Japan/X-Fire is able to export this upgraded CA M24 sniper airsoft replica after being available only to Japanese customers due to some legal issues in Japan... "This is the M24 developed by Remington & Classic Army made as an Airsoft sniper Rifle. PDI upgrades all inner parts to be smooth action & get more accuracy. PDI...SUS Handle,SUS endcap,Precision Cylinder Set VC,Trigger system,Hop Up Chamber, 08 Inner Barrel, Tokyo Marui Hop rubber.APS magazine.

ARES PGM Mini-Hecate .338 Pre-Order

Airsoft Global is now taking pre-orders of the ARES PGM Mini Hecate .338. ARES is swinging around the world making the airsoft sniper replicas. They first have the Germans (AMP-DSR1), then the Americans (CheyTac M200), and now the French. The PGM Mini-Hectae .338 is French designed and is a smaller Calibre version of the PGM Hecate II which chambers the .50 calibre round. This is intended as an anti-personel sniper rifle and doesn't have the long range like the M200 or the Hecate II.

RWC M40A3 Carbon Fiber

This custom sniper at RedWolf Airsoft costs a whopping US$1,855.00... "Ready to get stiff? This sniper rifle offers the highest level of accuracy, thanks to the PDI cold-forged stainless steel inner barrel with a nominal bore size of 6.01 mm and a length of 554mm. The outer barrel and receiver are made by Laylax from actual carbon fiber, and it's not just for looks: It offers the ultimate rigid platform for the premium parts inside.


Kart M40 Airsoft Sniper Gun Bolt Action Rifle

Latest sniper rifle from Kart now at Hitguns... "The new Kart-M58A Sniper Rifle is a replica of M40, a US marine corp sniper rifle. This Kart M58 has a reinforced spring pushing out 420-440 fps with 0.2g bb. It has a clean and sleek design and attachments for optional scope and bi-pod. With a high power bolt action and a long metal barrel, this gun will shoot great distance with great accuracy. It built with metal barrel, internal and steel bolt.

ARES DSR-1 Pre-Order Deposit

Gunner Airsoft is now taking pre-orders of the much awaited sniper rifle from ARES, called the DSR-1, which is a bull-pup sniper rifle in use my German law enforcement and special units.. "The ARES DSR-1 is now Availiable for pre-order!! The $30 you paid is just deposit, the total gun price should be $768 + shipping cost to your country. So when the Item in-stock in Mid Augst, you will need to pay $768 + shipping cost - $30."


Maruzen APS SR-2

One of the latest items at WGC Shop, this is with light-Weight Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer construction with Metal Outer Barrel, 6-Position Retractable Stock Mount Base ­and Left-Hand Bolt Handle Base Included. The magazine ca­n hold up to 30 rounds and a muzzle. This is a good gun to surely upgrade and start picking off the OPFOR from afar. Costs US$191, not a bad deal at all, especially from Maruzen.


British DPM Webtex Sniper Case

More DPMs at "Webtex long sniper case in British Army DPM camo which is shaped to fit guns as long as 1.22 metres long. The wide back of the gun bag allows for storage of chunkier rifles fitted with tall carry handles, scopes, lights and other accessories. The gun case also has four pockets on one side for storage of diverse accessories such as spare magazines, cleaning kits and ammunition and a long zip bag that can store valuable items or tools.

Matrix MP001 VSR10 Sniper Rifle with Scope Rail Pre-Order

This will arrive on the 20th of July at "Matrix MP001 VSR-10 BOLT ACTION SNIPER RIFLE WITH METAL BARREL, INTERNAL AND STEEL BOLT. Built in 20mm Scope mount rail (Ready for any scope installation in seconds). Adjustable hopup. Bipod ready (Ready for a bipod to be installed in minuts) A redesigned and reinforced copy of Tokyo Marui. Retailed anywhere for $225. Designed by Marui and HFC.


Well Sniper Rifles at Gunner Airsoft

Three Well sniper airsoft rifles to choose from at Gunner Airsoft and all of them come with scopes: G23C Gas version of Well MB03. 3-9x40 scope and mount included. 450+ FPS with Top gas, G21D L96A1 with scope and bipod which is gas powered, APS Gas system, Very very powerful, suggested to use with 134a gas (430fps) and Gas version of Well MB01 (L96), and the G25D adjustable stock version which is a gas version of Well MB05. 3-9x40 scope and mount and bipod included."


Well MB05 Adjustable Stock Version At Gunner Airsoft

Gunner Airsoft has this new sniper rifle from Well which is a combination of two products they already have, the Walther G-22 and L-96 sniper rifles... "Spring powered, actually it is the famous MB01 L96 with a different stock. The stock is fully adjustable, Length of pull, height of cheek piece, also the height of butt plate. 3-9x40 scope and mount and bipod included.