Who is Scott Hallenbeck?


Who here doesn't know Scott Hallenbeck, the famous airsofter who runs the USAirsoft channel on YouTube? If not, find out more about him in this Defrowe Airsoft episode... "One of the most famous Airsoft Youtubers in the world, Scott Hallenbeck from @USAirsoft  joins us today to talk some airsoft.

2023 Airsoft Manufacturers Tier List


Somebody will always come up with an airsoft manufacturers tier list that everybody will argue about. For this year Defrowe Airsoft with special guest USAirsoft come up with a list, so watch and listen if you agree... "One of the most famous Airsoft Youtubers in the world, Scott Hallenbeck from @USAirsoft  joins us today to rank all the Airsoft manufactures so you know which replica to buy next.

USAirsoft Tours The Mokei Paddock


During his visit to Japan in November last year, USAirsoft got to get around to check the airsoft retail scene, visiting Mokei Paddock in this video... "Mokei Paddock モケイパドック was an amazing store and arena that I really wish we had the time to enjoy more but with everything else we had planned, we just couldn't stay long.

This place had a perfect balance of AEGs, Gas Blowbacks, primaries, secondaries, and everything else in between!

5 Misconceptions Of Japanese Airsoft


USAirsoft took the opportunity to learn more about airsoft in Japan when he was there and got hold of Ryan of Laylax International to dispel myths about airsoft in the country that started it all... "People act like they know about the rules and manners of Japanese airsoft but do they really? What misconceptions do you believe about where airsoft began in the first place?

Today we disprove and shine a light on some exciting airsoft facts about Japan with Ryan of Laylax!"

USAirsoft: TOP 7 Unique Airsoft Loadouts


Another round of unique airsoft loadouts from USAirsoft as selected by his subscribers and for this episode, 7 loadouts have been selected... "Any day is a good day for an Airsoft Tops Series episode and for today's rendition we bring you just 7 Unique Airsoft Loadouts from all around the world!

USAirsoft: E&L T191 Gas Blowback Rifle Prototype


We get a closer look at the E&L T191 Gas Blowback Rifle in this video by USAirsoft taken during the SHOT Show 2023 in January. This is based on the QBZ-191, the main service rifle of the Chinese PLA... "E&L airsoft really surprised us with the rumors of gas blowbacks coming to the market one day. This is our brief look at an early prototype of one of those projects. Let's hope for more gas blowback offerings from E&L in the future!"

USAirsoft: 8 Airsoft Loadouts


Latest episode on airsoft loadouts from USAirsoft. Watch the video to take your pick of loadouts you want or gives you inspiration on how to put together a new look for your next airsoft game... "I'm back with my favorite series! The Airsoft Tops Series where we rank just a few of the greatest loadouts and replicas from all around the world!

These are the USAirsoft countdowns you've been missing so here there are once again!

USAirsoft On The G&G BAMF Recon AEG


USAirsoft reviews the G&G BAMF Recon AEG and he is not really impressed by it... "Maybe I'm going through a funk right now but I can't be the only one who isn't blown away by another polymer bodied M4. This G&G Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Recon isn't a bad replica, it's actually pretty good at what it's supposed to do. It performs well but it's not mind blowing.

USAirsoft: 50 Airsoft Guns I Want


Brace yourself for one sitting of this episode of USAirsoft as he talks about the 50 airsoft guns he wants... "50 Airsoft Guns I want, what a list. I had to really think about this one to get a nice mix of classic, modern, weird, and unique replicas.

My collection can look like I just ordered 100 different Mystery Boxes since it's so scattered around but here's the real question, what would you want if you could have any airsoft replicas in your collection?"

Unpopular Opinions About Airsoft Episode 5


It's episode 5 of USAirsoft's "Unpopular Opinions About Airsoft" and it's about airsoft YouTubers... "What's an Unpopular Opinion about Airsoft that you have that would probably have people upset with you? Do you think cheater videos are only popular because other YouTubers promote them? Or do you think we ruin our own game because we think we could do things better ourselves?

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