USAirsoft On The G&G BAMF Recon AEG


USAirsoft On The G&G BAMF Recon AEG

USAirsoft reviews the G&G BAMF Recon AEG and he is not really impressed by it... "Maybe I'm going through a funk right now but I can't be the only one who isn't blown away by another polymer bodied M4. This G&G Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Recon isn't a bad replica, it's actually pretty good at what it's supposed to do. It performs well but it's not mind blowing. It's another option for sure but will it stand out from everything else G&G has to offer, well I'll let you decide that in the comments.

I appreciate G&G for letting me go over this new release before it hits the market however and I hope to see something really interesting from them in the future!"

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