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OptimusPrime Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-SC AEG

A review of the Cybergun FN Herstal SCAR-SC AEG, the compact version of the FN SCAR series with Ares Airsoft as OEM and available at "Present on the market since 2018, the FN SCAR-SC benefits from a great versatility in its use. Available for different calibers such as 5.56x45mm NATO (.223) or 7.62x35mm (.300BLK), its compactness and maneuverability make it a precious ally for special operations, especially in urban environments. Its assets have already convinced various specialized units and special forces, particularly in Belgium and France.

After two years of development in close collaboration with FN Herstal, Cybergun is pleased to present an accurate replica, offering the quality expectations set up by its "Research and Development" department and FN Herstal."

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