EMG Gemtech Lunar 9 Suppressor With Tracer Unit

OptimusPrime EMG Gemtech Lunar 9 Suppressor With Tracer Unit

A snap shot of the EMG Gemtech Lunar 9 Mock Suppressor with Tracer Unit that got available for interested customers... "The Gemtech® Lunar® 9: Our quietest and most versatile 9mm suppressor yet. A pistol suppressor should deliver excellent sound reduction and function flawlessly on a wide variety of firearms. The Lunar 9 suppressor meets all of these needs - and then some.

EMG has faithfully recreated Gemtech's awesome design by bringing to the world the Gemtech licensed Lunar 9 Airsoft Mock Suppressor unit. Right on the front of the can is Gemtech's logo cap, like the real thing, as well as accurate trademarks. Just like the Lunar 9, the size of this suppressor is also convertible, to either a full length suppressor or a compact size.

The icing on the cake is the fact that this EMG Gemtech Lunar 9 is equipped with built-in Tracer Unit. Let's just say that this is quite possibly one of the coolest mock suppressors to ever hit the market."

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