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Gryffon Gear & G&G GBB M4s Tested

Airsoft GI - Gryffon Gear and G&G GBB M4s at Hollywood Sports Park Test With Tim, Bob, and Josh

Products from Gryffon Gear and G&G Armament taken for a test drive at Hollywood Sports by Airsoft GI... "Because we got some new cool stuff in and we hadn't played airsoft in a while, we here at AirsoftGI wanted to use some of the new tactical gear we got from Gryffon. With our Dragonspine Belt System and Golem Chest rig, even though it was pretty hot outside, we managed to stay cool because our rigs were light and breathable. Additionally, it gave us a chance to test out G&G's new version 2 GBB m4. If you are interested in any of these cool products, be sure to check them out on our website!"