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AS Jim Boland 1911 Open Class w/ Real C-More

Airsoft Surgeon Jim Boland 1911 Open Class with Real C-More

Another Race Gun custom made by the Airsoft Surgeon to make you sweat as the price is US$1,759.00. This Jim Boland 1911 Open Class comes with a real deal C-More Reflex sight... "Now this is a sexy gun of the truest sense; based on a the slim grip format that is the (Marui) 1911, the two tone Jim Boland 38-Super slide blends with the barrel-form like compensator for a 6 inch barrel. The slotted compensator exposes the guide rod which adds a flare of the industrial to this weapons look.

The minimalistic hammer sits flush against the rear of the slide when down. When cocked, its tiny little tear streak low-profile is exactly just enough to be a hammer and nothing more. High grip texture patterned wood grips are contemporary styled to not clash with the weapons modern lines and yet the touch and smell of real wood is simply irreplaceable.

A CNC Aluminium mount bracket attaches the real C-More mini red dot sight for a slim picture with a very clean, crisp red dot. For the classicists though, the weapon does have a fixed front iron sight and an adjustable rear iron sight if you do need to remove the red dot for any reason.

Of course between the flared magwell, the skeletonised trigger and other typical racegun features it covers its bases as a competition pistol but ultimately what set this one apart is the wood grips, the guide rod and the compensator. Not afraid to be a little older in flavor, this racegun has soul."