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KWA KRISS Vector & Rebel Training Camp

ASGI Bob Rebel Training Camp

Two entries at the GITV Blog of Airsoft GI discussa about the KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blowback SMG and the upcoming Rebel Training Camp of Bob the Axeman... "The KRISS Vector by KWA is one of the most unique airsoft guns available because of the KRISS system that allows the bolt and slider to rotate off-axis behind the magazine. This results in heavily dampened recoil!"

Check out this GITV article to learn more about it and the KRISS Vector at the Airsoft GI Online Store. Use the coupon code 'sweet16' to save up to 16% on your next order.

Bob's Rebel Training Camp will occur on October 19th 2013. Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid any hassle. Use the coupon code 'sweet16' to save 16% on your next order. Check out this article by one of our editors.

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