Tiger111HK: Arrivals from G&P, S&T and APS


This week's update from Tiger111HK shows us new arrivals from G&P, Smart Team HK (S&T), and APS. G&P are putting out Keymod rails with their G&P Metal M4 CQBR Assault Rifle AEG w/ MOTS Keymod RAS (Black), S&T with their Elite version of the Beretta ARX-160 Electric Blowback Rifle, and APS ACP C02-Powered Blowback Pistol Match version. More details below:

"G&P Metal M4 CQBR Assault Rifle AEG w/ MOTS Keymod RAS (Black)


  1. Comes with a Free Float MOTS Keymod RAS Hand guard and 8 inch one-piece outer barrel.
  2. Includes a QD Sling mount on the rear stock tube and 1 pc of QD Sling Swivel is included.
  3. Comes with a Ball Ball RIS Fore Grip.
  4. Metal Frame with clear 'Skull Frog' Marking and ambi type magazine catch.
  5. Comes with folding iron sights set.

S&T Beretta ARX-160 Elite Assault Rifle EBB (Black)


  1. Length: 840mm, 905mm (stock extended)
  2. S&T Custom Metal Gear Box
  3. Battery:  9.6V mini type battery / 7.4V Lipo Battery (small plug)
  4. Material: Metal & Nylon Fiber

APS Metal Slide Action Combat Pistol (ACP) CO2 GBB Match Ver (BK)


  1. ACP606 is the Match Custom Version of the ACP601.
  2. Comes with an extended metal outer barrel with laser marking and ready for attaching silencer adapter.
  3. Realistic trigger finction with manuel safety button.
  4. Comes with new 2-pcs recoil spring system.
  5. Polymer Lower Frame with 'APS' marking, tactical under mount rail and extended slide stop.

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