Mid-Length KA FAL RAS Folding Stock AEG


We've been getting emails as to where they can get a FAL Carbine AEG and this link to eHobby Asia might satisfy their queries... "This King Arms FAL Carbine Folding Stock is full metal constructed and equipped with scope mount base and RAS handguard. Reinforced gearbox were used. Metal parts like selector, slings and knobs were used to provide better look and texture. Moreover, each AEG carry a unique in serial number so every piece is one of a kind. Package comes with a PEQ-15 battery case and a 90 rounds magazine.

King Arms FAL Carbine RAS Folding Stock AEG (Mid-Length)

  • 1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG
  • Aluminum; Steel; Nylon Fiber Construction
  • Safe / Single / Full-Auto shooting mode
  • Except Pistol grip, PEQ-15 Case & Foregrip, this AEG is primarily Made of Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy & Steel Alloy
  • 350mm Outer Barrel with 85mm Flashider
  • 265mm Metal Folding Stock
  • 295mm RAS Handguard
  • Adjustable Front & Rear Sight
  • Steel Housing magazine accommodate 90 Rounds of 6mm Plastic Bullet
  • Come With Nylon Fiber Foregrip and PEQ-15 battery case
  • 6 mm Bearing Ver. 3 Gearbox
  • Open the Bolt to Adjust Hop-up
  • Able to store KA PEQ-15 Type Battery in PEQ-15 battery case
  • Utilize 6mm Plastic Bullet, this rifle give you a supreme accuracy on the target"

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