PAF Airsoft M2 60mm Mortar Test


Stewbacca is with PAF Airsoft to go over this big M2 60mm mortar for airsoft use. It is based on the light infantry support weapon that U.S. forces used in World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War, the M2 Mortar fires smooth, round projectiles from its open barrel at a steep angle. It has a caliber of 60 millimeters.

Jeff The Kid On The King Arms Tactical M2 Carbine


Can you mount an action camera and other accessories on an old weapon design? That's the question that Jeff The Kid wants to answer with the King Arms Tactical M2 GBB Carbine... "If you want to start a sports camera, take advantage of it now! I believe that there should be many players who want to bring their old guns off the field like me, but due to the early gun design, they can’t fit modern tactical accessories.

PAF Airsoft Browning M2 MG


A quick overview of the airsoft Browning M2 MG made by PAF Airsoft. Options available are AEG and HPA and a twin mount can be bought to use two of these like an AA gun... "Influenced by movie and video games,airsofters want to have their dream weapon。But most of the toy gun manufacturers are not interested in producing such weapon。Thanks to the development of 3D printing technology,many people now may have their favorite weapon custom made。

Jeff The Kid: King Arms M2 GBB Carbine


Jeff the Kid checks out what recently came out of King Arms' factory, the M2 Carbine, the selective fire version of the M1 Carbine... "If I was born 10 years earlier, I might have the opportunity to receive the Marushin M2 carbine. Unfortunately, it has always been a part of my regret that I did not have this. Until King Arms released this M2 carbine, I rekindled my hope of collecting the U.S. World War II gun. And this one is very special.

Garand Thumb With The M2 Carbine


Whilst many in airsoft are familiar with the M1 Carbine, there is a variant that we prefer and it is the M2 variant. Whilst the M1 Carbine is a semi-auto, the M2 is a select fire carbine, released by the U.S. Army as a response to the German Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle. Thus, some military historians consider the M2 as the first American assault rifle. Firing the same .30 calibre round, it comes with a 30-round magazine and an ROF of 850-900 rounds on full auto. An airsoft version made by Marushin is available.

Secutor Arms RAPAX XXI M2 DMR


Resellers can now contact SKW Airsoft for ordering the details on the Secutor Arms RAPAX XXI M2 DMR... "The RAPAX M2 is inspired by the rifles developed by the weapons industry, 7.62 caliber DMRs easier to carry by the operators.

The RAPAX M2 is in airsoft a different and new DMR that, by its unique and modern aspect, does not go unnoticed for the players. Do you want something different in your shop?

What makes it so special?

HPA Experts: Browning M2 .50Cal HPA


HPA Airsoft give us a quick look at their Browning M2 .50Cal HPA Project... "HPA inside replica of .50 cal Browning M2. It is has a fully functional BOX magazine winding after short press. FIRE after long press. It has adjustable ROF and power (targeted 2J 0.28g BBs)."

New Griffin Armament Micro Modular Sights


New from Griffin Armaments are the M2 Sights or the Micro Modular Sights... "Griffin armament is proud to introduce affordable Micro Modular Sights™ compatible with Picatinny rail systems. Griffin M2 sights offer an industry first, patent pending, modular base plate system. Constructed from QPQ Treated 17-4 and ordnance grade steel, Griffin M2 Sights were designed to be the correct product for every backup sight application.

LCT M60/M122/M2 Tripod At eHobby Asia


Got a heavy airsoft machine gun that needs a tripod? Here's one from LCT Airsoft and you can order it from eHobby Asia for US$700.00... "The LCT M60/M122/M2 Tripod is a U.S. machine gun tripod originally used with the Browning M1919 infantry machine gun. Since then, it has seen several redesigns, but remained largely the same. In this fashion, the M2 tripod has seen combat service in every conflict the U.S.

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