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WE Katana, Standard AEGs & More

Tiger111HK WE Airsoft SR-16 and M16 AEGs

Take your pick of new WE Airsoft AEGs that are in stock right now at Tiger111HK. They have the WE M16 and SR-16 in either Standard or Katana configurations, depending on your budget and if you need to change cylinders often. Also in stock right now are the VFC EGLMs, VFC HK417 Sniper Kit, and the King Arms SVD Illuminated Scope. Plus, don't forget about their ongoing BELL Aug Promo.

"WE's New AEG Assault Rifle (KATANA / Standard)

WE KATANA AEG is the new tactical rifle in the WE AEG Series which comes in a newly designed KATANA Split gear box system. The KATANA AEG system comes with a changeable cylinder unit and the new designed gear box in the lower frame.

M16A3 (KATANA / Standard)

M16A3 Rifle is the variant of the M16A2 which comes in Fully Automatic instead of the 3-round burst mode, equipped with removable carrying handle like M4A1 Carbine and full length handguard like M16A2.

  • Comes with metal frame with no marking and comes with a removable carrying handle
  • Spring release function when user switch the selector to 'Safe'

WE M16A3 Katana AEG

WE M16A3 Standard AEG

WE SR-16 (KATANA / Standard)

SR-16 (Stoner Rifle) is the full-auto variant of the SR-15 Rifle designed based on the M4A1 Carbine. It has the similar outlook of the M4A1 Carbine but equipped with a fixed stock found on the M16 rifle. SR-16 is mainly provided to Law Enforcement and military service, and it has been used by Hong Kong SDU as marksman rifle.

  • Metal RAS Handguard with with 14.5 inch outer barrel
  • Bolt catch function available for easy Hopup adjustment


WE SR-16 Standard AEG

VFC Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module

  • Durable Nylon Fiber & Aluminum Alloy Barrel Constructed
  • Suitable for VFC SCAR AEG Series (Except SCAR-H SSR AEG) or WE SCAR-L GBB Rifle

VFC 20-Inch Sniper Coversion Kit

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Suitable for VFC / UMAREX HK417 AEG

VFC MP5 Fixed Buttstock

  • Comes with a metal made bullstock plate and rear recoil spring
  • Suitable for VFC / UMAREX MP5 / MP5SD GBB SMG

King Arms Illuminated Scope

  • Comes with front len cap and rubber made rear len extender
  • Suitable for King Arms SVD Series

Time-Limited BELL AUG AEG Special Price

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