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5 Things Airsofters Forget To Bring

Now, this is interesting, and we do tend to forget certain things that we need in the airsoft field. At Popular Airsoft we are always guilty of that. The BB Warrior lists 5 things that he says airsoft players always forget to bring. Do you agree with the list? Watch the video... "Today we'll be taking a look at 5 common things airsofters seem to always forget to bring when they play."

Airsoft Mike: AI XL Burst Impact Grenade

Airsoft Mike gets the XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade from Airsoft Innovations for a review this time. Cover your ears with the sound upon impact... "Today's video is all about that Airsoft Grenade that goes BANG! But uses gas to do so! Thanks to RedWolf Airsoft UK for sending this to me to unbox, review and test!"

FF Type 89 Cherry Switch & KeyMod Rail

Laylax got available a First Factory Cherry Fire Selector Switch for the Marui JSDF Type 89 AEG. Why a Cherry Blossom flower? It is the symbol of Japan and part of their tradition is holding a Cherry Blossom festival. If you own a Type 89 AEG, then you can add this fire selector switch to really make it more Japanese.

"What Is The Most Accurate Sniper Rifle?"

This is an RS video so you might be disappointed if it is not about an airsoft sniper rifle. But if you insist, take a look at what Tactical Rifleman considers to be the most accurate sniper rifle... "We have done reviews on a number of sniper rifles. Many of them are competing for SOCOMS precision rifle contract. They have to be able to change calibers and all that stuff. Today I want to talk about the Accuracy International AXMC. This is the Ferrari of 338 Lapuas.

ASGI Uncut: "The Best SMG Ever?!?"

Is the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG the best airsoft SMG ever? GI Dave of GI Tactical Texas takes it to the D14 Airsoft field to find out in this Airsoft GI Uncut video... "Dave gets to try out the new Krytac Vector AEG in a real deal gameplay situation at D14 Airsoft! See what he thinks and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!"

DesertFox: Underwear Airsoft Warrior

How did DesertFox Airsoft react to see an enemy in underwear during Milsim West's Rostov Rising event? Simple, treat him as an enemy too... "Spotted an enemy underwear airsoft warrior during Milsim West: Rostov Rising. Since the PKM box magazine broke in the last video, I borrowed a friend's Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock AKS74U."

UF PRO: Close Combat With Firearms

Hoping to have the moves of John Wick where he smoothly goes into close combat with guns blazing? Well, there is a video from UF PRO on Close Combat with Firearms so you can compare which can really be applicable to the real world for you... "Learn how to handle close combat situations when armed or attacked with a firearm. See a breakdown of the moves shown in the video and learn how to master them."

Amped Airsoft Grand Opening Swap Meet

If you are near the area better block off 26 August as Amped Airsoft will be holding Grand Opening Swap Meet. They will be opening a new storefront so they hope to see you guys. Watch this video they posted last 9 August... "Amped Airsoft Grand Opening Swap MeetHey boyos just a quick update video this Wednesday. We are having another swap meet at our warehouse on August 26th. So If you feel like stopping by, there will plenty of deals and fun things going on."

Mach Sakai: BOLT SR-47 Elite SD/DX

That's a nice a looking BOLT SR-47 Elite SD/DX BRSS AEG that Mach Sakai is holding. Bolt Airsoft started their BRSS (Bolt Recoil Shock System) series with the SR-47 design and this one comes with better looking furniture. Mach Sakai checks it out for operation, externals, and accuracy in this quick video review.

Bunny Workshop: WE Double Barrel Makarov

Another double barrel gas blowback from WE Airsoft as they decided to double the barrelsa good number of their airsoft pistols. The WE Double Barrel Makarov GBB is available at Bunny Workshop and is full metal. The safety lever is in the slid and comes with a double 16-round gas magazine. Now we just wait for them to make a double barrel airsoft M4 if they plan on doing it.