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Eagle6 Blowback Bar For TM M4/416 NEG

Eagle6 are now making unique products for use in the Tokyo Marui AEG series, especially the blowback and recoil AEGs. Their latest got a long name called the Eagle6 Airsoft Blowback Unit Connecting Bar (Part C) For M4/HK416 Next Generation Recoil Shock Series...

Sting Wray Airsoft: Guns For Beginners

Another video about the best airsoft guns for beginners and this one is from Sting Wray Airsoft. Video is blurry though... "In this video I talk mainly about 3 great beginner guns for airsoft. If your just getting into the sport and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on guns and gear, these are the guns for you!"

Umarex HK416A5 AEG Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez does a review on the Umarex HK416A5 AEG on the first day of 2019... "18 months after the gas version I could grasp the AEG that many of you expected and that many of you have already bought! follow me through this overview of the HK416A5 by Umarex/VFC. Thanks a lot to OPS Store. And since I'm here today, I wish you a happy new year 2019!"

BadaBingPictures: TM Glock 19 Gen 3

BadaBingPictures gives his take on the Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Gen 3 GBB Pistol which is now available in the UK... "Tokyo Marui have finally released their highly anticipated G19 GBB pistol. In this review, I go over its features, performance and throw in some of my own opinions about this latest blaster."

Toronto Airsoft: G&G CM16 LMG

The first LMG offering G&G Armament gets reviewed by Toronto Airsoft to find out if it's a proper LMG. The G&G CM16 LMG AEG comes with a 2,500 round box magazine. It is Lipo Ready and comes with the ETU and a full metal gearbox with metal bushing. This is also light enough to carry as its externals is mainly made of Polymer.

Jack Pyke Technical Featherlite Jacket

The Jack Pyke Technical Featherlite Jacket is in stock now at the Military 1st online store... "The Jack Pyke Technical Featherlite Jacket is a very lightweight waterproof coat made of Taslon Nylon with mesh liner and underarm vents for improved breathability.

UF PRO Delta OL 3.0 Jacket

UF PRO announce the Delta OL 3.0 Jacket designed for cold weather conditions... "During activities in cold weather, the Delta OL 3.0 Jacket will keep you protected against all kinds of cold weather hazards, offers you the necessary durability and most importantly, gives you the comfort you need to focus on your job."

ASGI: Titan Power, The 5 Day Battery?

In this Airsoft GI Uncut episode, they talk about the Li-On batteries from Titan Power and how they last longer making them a good choice for AEGs... "Titan Power batteries are a newcomer to the airsoft battery market by being the first to introduce Lithium Ion batteries to the airsoft market. These batteries are, by mAh rating, smaller than standard LiPO battery packs.

APS Phantom Extremis MKVI PDW Style

Matt of Evike.com got the SBR variant in the APS Phantom Extremis Family, the APS PER MKVI AEG... "Designed to showcase their new, in house designed handguard, the Phantom Extremis by APS is the ideal Airsoft AEG for any airsoft sport, from weekend skirmishes to competetive shooting, the Phantom Extremis is designed to perform in any enviroment.

Vintage Airsoft Review: LS L85A1

Hyperdouraku features the L85A1 Airsoft Rifle made by LS for his Vintage Airsoft Review series. Introduced in 1991, this is HPA powered and comes with a magazine that has a 25-BB round capacity. Air intake is located at the buttstock area and comes with a simple cylinder with a transparent plastic plate that is used as the SUSAT.

Read the full review here.