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BB2K Airsoft: SHOEI Gewehr 43

BB2K Airsoft reviews the finely crafted GEWEHR 43 Rifle made by SHOEI in this video... "I am celebrating my personal premiere today! I have the honor to unpack a GEWEHR 43 by the Japanese high-end manufacturer Shoei Seisakusho Inc. The G43 from the company Shoei is a 6mm Airsoft with Blowback. The KARABINER 43 is operated with air that is filled with an air pump in the magazine.

CAR-15 N23 PDW AEG From PTS Syndicate

PTS Syndicate came up with a "legacy" style compact AR AEG that takes its inspiration from the CAR-15 N23 PDW that never came into reality, if stories are to be believed that there was real design. Recoil Web came up with a story on this over a year ago, and they are not sure if it is a real patent application design or somebody just photoshopped it. But Recoil's Dave Merril tried making one based on the patent application.

Airsoft Mike: Nuprol M79 Grenade Launcher

Nuprol got its own airsoft version of the Thumper and Airsoft Mike gets one for this unboxing and review episode... "My latest purchase is this very epic looking Nuprol N79 Launcher, based on the original Springfield M79 Launcher. Also known as the Thumper, Blooper, BIg Ed and many more nicknames!."

14-Year Old w/ Airsoft Gun Killed By Police

A 14-year old boy suspected to be burglarizing a vehicle in Tempe, Arizona was shot and killed by the police. The police were pursuing the boy who turned around with a gun prompting the pursuers to fire hitting him. They tried to administer CPR to no avail. The pistol he was carrying is a 1911-style airsoft gun.

Read more here.

Reapers Airsoft: Invader Gear & Viper

Two plate carriers for use in airsoft from Invader Gear and Viper Tactical get reviewed by Reapers Airsoft... "Hi! Max has again looked at two plate carriers for you, the Invader Gear 'COMBO' and the Viper Lasercut 'DELUXE'. The Invader is currently in Flecktarn, ATP, Canadian Digital, Digital Woodland, Digital Desert and Olive for 145 euros to get the Viper Lasercut Deluxe are currently only Vcam and Olive available at Begadi."

G&G International Hot Spot Photo Contest

G&G got another contest and if you havea G&G banner just take it anywhere with you and snap photos with it. Who knows? You might win one of their LMGs... "Our newest photo contest has started! Pick up your camera and grab your teammates! Travel around the world with a G&G banner and stand in front of famous landmarks for a chance to win G&G products.

For the full contest rules, click here."

Airsoftology: LCT Airsoft Factory Tour

Factory tours always give us an insight on the how an airsoft company treats its products and workers. The cleaner the factory and the happier the workers, usually also means higher quality products. Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology gives us a tour of the LCT Airsoft factory in Hemei Township, Changhua County, Taiwan so you can see for yourself why their airsoft guns are always of high quality.

Gunfire Shooting Division: XDM Takedown

A quick video from the Gunfire Shooting Division showing how to take apart a Springfield Armory XDM Pistol. Gunfire sponsors shooting teams for both real steel and action air practical shooting... "In this video our team member Piotr Łopaciński will show you hot to disassemble the XDM pistol."

Femme Fatale Airsoft With Spartan117gw

We take another look at the Kinetic MREX M-Lok Rail for the SCAR Rifle made by PTS Syndicate. Fully licensed, this gives your SCAR rifle a sleek rifle and increases the airsoft rifle's modularity. Femme Fatale Airsoft discusses the product with Spartan117gw during her latest visit across The Pond... "In this video, I visit PTS Syndicate HQ in North America to chat to Spartan117GW about the Kinetic SCAR MREX M-LOK rail systems from PTS!"

Geonox Airsoft: RunCam Scope Cam 35mm

Geonox Airsoft goes over what is a favourite gun cam for airsofters , the RunCam ScopeCam and it is available at airsoft retailes and event Amazon.com... "Here I present the RunCam Scope Cam with 35mm lens and show you the highlights that I particularly like about the Airsoft Scope Cam. RunCam Scope Cam 35mm."