Airsoft Atlanta: Evolution Recon Carbontech M4 10" Suppressor AEG


The Recon Carbontech M4 10-Inch Suppressor AEG from Italian airsoft company, Evolution International, is available to order at Airsoft Atlanta in the U.S....

Pewpew Paladin's Specna Arms G36 EBB Update


Pewpew Paladin posted an update to report about the performance of the Specna Arms G36 EBB... "Welcome back to another airsoft vlog - in which I give an update on how the Specna Arms G36 rifles I have are performing.

Best Optic Setup For A Battle Rifle?


Choosing an optic to use on a rifle always needs to be an educated one.

Blue Alpha Stock Sock


What is a stock sock you ask? Find out what it is as Blue Alpha got their own Stock Sock...

RGW Airsoft DA Sandman-S Style Silencer Set Quick Look


A quick presentation by Weapon762 of the RGW Airsoft DA Sandman-S Style Silencer Set available at their online store...

Military 1st: Selk'bag Lite 6G Sleeping Bag Suit


The wearable Selk'bag Lite 6G Sleeping Bag Suit is in stock at Military 1st... "The Selk'bag Lite 6G is a sleeping bag with legs you can wear indoors as well as outdoors in spring and summer.

Gel Blasters Better Than Airsoft Guns?


What do you think? They work on the same principle only the projectiles are different. Marcus The Oddball touches in this comparison in this video...

Pandora Rebirth Event By MiR Tactical


MiR Tactical are taking bookings for their Pandora Rebirth Event that will take place next month... "Our Pandora Rebirth event is coming this June 4th & 5th, 2022!

ASG Olsztyn: Specna Arms SA-F01 FLEX AEG


Is the new SA-F01 FLEX AEG from Specna Arms the most compelling affordable AEG on the market that gives the most bang for the buck?

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