Airsoftology: Archwick Airsoft's B&T USW Kit


Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology is back with a review of one the releases for 2021 by Archwick, a licensed B&T USW conversion kit for Glock pistols.

Land Warrior Airsoft: Vortex Optics Razor AMG UH-1 Gen2


The Razor AMG UH-1 from Vortex Optics is available again at Land Warrior Airsoft...

ACETECH Raider Tracer Unit Blaster M Test Fire


JK Army does some quick shooting test with the ACETECH Raider Tracer Unit Blaster M Test Fire mountted on the AAP-01 GBB Pistol with the  C&C Tac Za Style Kit.

Phantom M870 Spring Powered Shotgun At Patrol Base


An affordable Phantom M870 Spring Powered Shotgun is available at Patrol Base...

The Perfect Airsoft Bolt Action Rifle


Curious what this is? Watch this video by Smooth Sniper Airsoft... "Good day guys and here we are again with a new video. Today is the review of my 'new' bolt action customized by MK airsoft.

New G&G SSG-1 Drop Stock Adaptor


Wearing masks whilst using the Speedsofter's airsoft gun, the G&G SSG-1 AEG, got better with the Drop Stock Adaptor...

Magpul Frame Lock Rigger EDC


An overview of the Magpul Rigger EDC, a frame locking knife that can be part of your EDC... "The Rigger EDC brings the same design and craftsmanship we instilled in the Limited Edition version of the Rigger.

Penguins Tactical PTW Test Shooting Part 2


After checking out a Systema AR-style PTW, MOTO picks up the Systema TW5 or the MP5 PTW to shoot with at the range for this Penguins Tactical Video...

Incoming! LCT Airsoft SVD


What LCT Airsoft should have done years ago is now about to become a reality. Two days ago, the Taiwan-based airsoft company released a video of their Project SVD showing the parts now being made in their foundry.

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