KWC PM Makarov CO2 Pistol At Destockage Games


Destockage Games KWC PM Makarov CO2 Pistol

This a CO2 Blowback Version of the PM Makarov airsoft pistol from KWC that is available at Destockage Games... "Here is the KWC PM Makarov airsoft pistol in its Co2 blowback version. This replica straight out of the arsenal of the Soviet army will satisfy Russophiles

We offer you the PM Makarov pistol in its pack containing:

  • 1x Pistol PM Makarov Co2 Full Metal Blowback KWC- Black
  • 1x 15 balls magazine
  • 1x Bag of +/- 100 balls
  • 1x BTR key"

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