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AST Stark Arms S18C & VFC XCR Videos

AST Stark Arms S18C & VFC XCR Screencap

Two interesting videos from Airsoft Taiwan and RA-Tech. The first one is the WE AK74 part no. 107 which they find to have a problem that it's loose configuration makes its ROF low. They thus created their own version, which is heftier and CNC'd, and it fires at a higher ROF. If you want to give a name to it, you can send your suggestion, and if it they choose it, you get one of it.

The next video is about the Stark Arms S18C, which is an airsoft pistol and the one of the more awaited VFC products this year, the VFC Robinson Arms XCR AEG which is available in tan and black colours. The VFC XCR can be ordered from the Airsoft Taiwan online store for US$346.00.